Success in Mathematics for Nursing

Has your browser got what it takes to run ‘Self test’?

Functionality Must be Your browser Explanation
Javascript: Enabled Disabled The selftest will not run at all unless Javascript is enabled.
Cookies: Enabled Cannot tell until javascript enabled ... Cookies are used to store your progress on this machine, so you can continue the test at another time on the same machine.
On USQ student lab computers the cookie is NOT stored once you log off, so you should do the selftest in one session...

This program has to display a lot of mathematical symbols and formulae. To do this we are currently using MathJax. When you first see a screen load, the formula may take a small time to display correctly.

If your browser meets the requirements as specified above ... start the ‘Self test’ program.

If not

Find out how to enable these two functions, then run the program again.

If you are using:

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